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Centurion System

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«IT Laboratory» Ltd. has developed a unique solution that controls all the inside traffic of the organization, including confidential information and personal data leaks through the email, instant messages systems (ICQ, Jabber, MSN, etc.), FTP, documents sent for printing with printer connected through network, devices with the internet access based on iOS, Android, Windows 8; laptops; PCs; file servers. We also give you the ability to control staff working time and communication.

We have developed a hardware and software complex Centurion System. Solutions made on its basis are designed to control network users’ actions, traffic and suspicious applications’ and systems’ activity analysis. The system works passively without making any changes into existing network, doesn’t overload data processing channels. Centurion system solves different informational protection issues: prevents unauthorized access to the company’s network, defines DDOS-attacks and information leaks through the internet-messengers, email, social networks and other traffic types in the real time.

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Centurion Lan Pro

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Distinction of the «Centurion Lan Pro» from the hardware and software complex Centurion Lan lies in the ability to control the proxy server, IPS, to work with numerous flows processed simultaneously, scaling, extended events filtering system and user identification system that finds individual signs and trails of the network activity.

Centurion Wi-Fi

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• Wireless hardware configuration analysis;
• Wireless network cover zone analysis;
• Journal logs and key access points downloads analysis;
• Spectral airwaves analysis;
• Outsider sources analysis;
What will you get?
• A survey that includes current topology of the wireless network, current state and configuration of the wireless devices, access points loads, outsider signal sources, airwaves utilization and current security settings analysis data;
• Recommendations to improve the network capabilities via changing equipment configuration, network topology, devices replacement, introduction of the monitoring and equipment state evaluation techniques;
• Specialists’ consultations during the month.

Centurion Lan

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Hardware and software complex Centurion Lan is designed for the total control of the network users, traffic analysis, suspicious applications and systems activity, expanded logmanagement with the possibility of the permanent control over the chosen network segments, analytical filter and the decision-making system. HSK reconstructs the TCP/IP sessions and analyses data on the application protocol level to restore original data.

Centurion Wi-Fi Max

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Distinction of the «Centurion Wi-Fi MAX» version lies in the capability to control the proxy server, IPS, work with the huge amount of the simultaneously processed data flows.


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Products and solutions developed for the client’s needs that depend on his company’s goals.