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• Complex IT-infrastructure survey (audit);
• Informational security policy correspondence survey;
• Complex informational security systems building;
• Researches in the informational security sphere;
• Investigation of the computer crimes (account funds thefts, DDOS-attacks, personal information thefts, cyber-crimes);
• Penetration test;
• Informational security issues consulting;
• Confidential corporate or state information protection;
• Technical support

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The it-Laboratory company’s proposals package in the IS-security sphere includes investigation and prevention of the:
• Unauthorized access to the digital information (including attacks and hacking);
• Creation, usage and spreading of the harmful software;
• Corporate it-incidents origins;
• Network connection frauds;
• Violations of the citizen’s rights and freedoms connected with the IT sphere.

Penetration tests

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Penetration Test
• Technological penetration test
• Socio-technical penetration test
• Complex penetration test

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